Lucas County High Point Trip Report

twelve areas (1,100+ ft)

Date: March 6, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

Andyís book reports fourteen areas for Lucas County, but due to overlaps across the LeRoy/Derby quadrant line, there are only 12 unique contours which must be evaluated. All these areas are near the southwestern corner of the county and can be approached by driving 9.5 miles south from Lucas on US 65 to the county line.

one "big" area with spot elevation 1,106 ft

This is a massive U-shaped area which spans several sections and two quadrants.

From the Lucas/Wayne County line on US 65, drive north on US 65 about 1 mile to 410th Street. Turn right and park near the intersection of 410th Street and 140th Avenue. A railroad right of way has been converted to a walking path here, and this is a good place to think about how to "visit" this large area. All the locals I talked to said the county highpoint was down on the county line, where the large blue water tower sits. My topo map shows a spot elevation of 1103 feet at the water tower (just west of US 65 on 400th Street) but several other higher spot elevations are shown on the topo map for this area. Spot elevation 1104 is in the intersection here, with a spot elevation of 1105 down 140th Avenue about 0.5 mile. There is another spot elevation 1104 about 0.5 mile west on 410th Street, but the highest spot elevation (1106 feet) is 2 miles west, in the intersection of 410th Street and 120th Avenue. I spent a lot of time driving around and some walking out into the corn/bean fields as well, but wasnít able to really "see" anything much higher. Iím inclined to believe the highest ground is somewhat east of the spot elevation 1106 area, in the bean fields to the north and south of 410th Street.

two areas east of US 65

From US 65, drive east on 410th Street for 1 mile to 150th Avenue. Turn right and drive south about 0.4 mile to a large white house (#40592). Ask for permission here to wander east into the bean field to explore area 2. You can also stop short of the house and park along the road near an east-west fence where the contour crosses the road. Walk east along the fence to investigate the plowed grass field where I thought the highest spot was, or cross to the west side of the road and explore more bean fields. To visit area 3, go north on US 65 to 420th Street. Turn right and park at the railroad pathway. Area 3 is in a cornfield just east of the pathway. The highest ground is toward the southern end of the field.

one area in section 32-71N-23W

From US 65, drive west on 410th Street for 2.5 miles (passing over spot elevation 1106) to the intersection with 115th Avenue. This is a muddy track going south, so be careful about driving on it. I parked and walked south about 0.25 mile, then west into the hayfield to area 4.

three areas in sections 16/21-71N-23W

From the intersection of 410th Street and 115th Avenue, drive north on 115th for 1.5 miles and park in a field access spot on the east side of the road. Hike east into this corn field to explore the small contour (area 5) that is a leftover from the tip of the massive U-shaped area that is just south in the adjacent bean field. Continue north on 115th Avenue to 430th Street and turn right. Park here and hike north into the bean field to inspect area 6. Area 7 looks like a man-made area along 430th Street about 0.5 mile east of the intersection. Spot elevation 1102 is just south of a storage bin, but I donít believe it! The roadbed isnít two feet higher than the field margins on either side. Maybe grading the road has lowered its elevation, but Iíd guess it barely tops 1100 feet. I am certain this isnít the highpoint of the county.

five small areas in sections 22/27-71N-23W

From the intersection of US 65 and 420th Street, drive west 1.5 miles to the intersection with 130th Avenue. 130th Avenue is another muddy track and I donít advise you drive on it. Park just east and explore the contour that crosses 420th Street (area 8). Two other small contours are nearby; one to the north in the corn field (area 9), and a second one down in the bean field 0.4 miles to the south (area 10). From the 130th Ave/420th St intersection, drive east about 0.8 mile and park along the road. Area 11 brushes the road here, and extends into the adjacent pasture. Area 12 is a less distinct contour, and is located about 800 feet south into the pasture. I liked these little spots because they were in a pasture (not mucky bean fields!).