Osceola County Highpoint Trip Report

Hawkeye Point (1,670 ft)

Date: July 22, 2007
Author: Brennan Connelly

I started off with the imposing state HP and found that not much has changed from previous reports. What has changed, at least teporarily, is access from SH-60, which is being made into a four-lane road north of Sibley, which means that many of the side roads heading east are currently blocked off by the construction efforts. I continued north of 130th on SH-60 for 1 mile to 120th. I went east for about 200 yards and then went south on Polk Avenue for 1 mile back to 130th. I parked at the water tower and walked back behind the silo to the monument and the register.

The register was placed the previous day, 7-21-2007, by Donna Sterler, and a note from her in the front states that she has moved off of the farm and into Sibley. She had apparently lived on the HP farm for over 60 years.

Access is still no problem and there are plenty of key chains to go around. I also ran into the Ragbrai (Bike tour of IA, looks kinda fun) for the first of three times during the day and had to stop for about 5 minutes to let the riders go through (IHP was there to direct traffic).