Webster County Highpoint Trip Report

four unnamed field areas (1,230+ ft)

Date: May 3, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Webster County's 4 high point areas are located in Section 6 of Jackson Township. I visited there on May 3, 2005, long after twilight ended, my 15th Iowa county of the day.

From the intersection of State Highway 3 and County Road P19 in Gilmore City, I drove south on P19 for 5 miles, where it ended, and continued south on 340th Ave for 2 miles. I turned left onto 110th St. and continued east for 0.14 mile to a field approach nearest the southwestern area (220 feet), and a little west of the occupied farmplace on the south side of the road shown on the topographical map. Since it was almost pitch dark, I brought my flashlight along to help scan the high point areas.

Area 1 is a small unremarkable field hill, a 2-3-minute walk from the car. I walked mostly in a straight line to the next area, skirting the east side of the depression between the areas.

I arrived at area 2 in 11 minutes. I then turned to the southeast toward area 3.

I arrived at area 3 in 9 minutes, and changed to south-east-east for the last area.

Area 4 is in a wooded area on a farmplace. It is lit by a standard mercury vapor light, between the woods and the steel bins. The highest ground was either in the woods or the ground behind the bins. I arrived there in 9 minutes. I did not hear a barking dog.

I returned to the road on the west side of the grove, and got back to my car in 16 minutes. Total time for these 4 areas was about 45 minutes.