Adams County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 7-8, 2000
Author: Bob Packard

From Council, ID drove out the Hornet Creek Road. At a 3 way split went left (north) on wide, smooth, fast FR 002. Signs read Black Lake 20, then Black Lake 15. The last 15 miles to Black Lake on FR 112 quite rough. Great scenery. Others were camped at Black Lake, all locals. Mountain goats on nearby cliffs.

Next day (Aug 8) went up to Purgatory Saddle (7940) on trail expecting to get to the spot elevation at 8933 along the ridge. Got there OK, but had to leave the ridge to do it.

No sign of anyone being there. Built a cairn. Monument Peak is higher (checked both ways with hand level) by a recognizable amount. Ridge N from Unnamed 8933 to Monument was impossible so I went down SW to Emerald Lake Trail. Went N on it 1.5 miles, then went up long wide couloir between very impressive cliffs, got to NW summit ridge and climbed Monument Peak.

Didn't know I could make it until right there. Very impressive (black basalt I think) summit block. Again no sign. Built good cairn, left glass jar register. Back to Emerald Lake Trail which takes you over Purgatory Saddle and back to Black Lake.

Statistics: 10.75 hours, 10 miles, 5600 feet elevation gain.

You can't do both UN 8933 and Monument under 5000 ft elevation gain, but Monument alone would be under 5000.