Bear Lake County High Point Trip Report

Meade Peak (9,957 ft)

Date: July 5, 1998
Author: David Olson

Meade Peak can be seen from the Bear River valley near Georgetown ID but is only slightly more prominent looking than its neighboring peaks. I drove up Georgetown Canyon. I zeroed my odometer at the road fork at the mouth of the canyon. At 0.8 miles I turned up the right Branch of the canyon. I figure that the next mile is average passenger car doable. At about 2.6 miles take the right-hand (easier) road fork. I had to use 4 WD at about 3.9 miles to get up a grade. I parked at 4.4 miles, where a faint ORV trail branches left off the road.

I hiked up the ORV trail for about 610 paces, about 0.6 miles, then turned left and hiked steeply uphill to the saddle. The ridge up to the summit of Meade Peak was merely interesting. I found two witness marks on the summit, but no BM.

Notable-interesting: lots of snail shells on the slope up to the saddle.

Notable-annoying: the sound of dirt bikes perhaps 1/2 mile to the east.