Bear Lake County High Point Trip Report

Meade Pk

Date: October 1, 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

I followed David Olson's Trip report that he had posted and thought I would fill in the gaps a little bit. Something to warn you all about though. Mine and David's odometers aren't quite the same so you might want to bring both of the reports along (if you go this route) just so you can confuse yourself even more. They were pretty close but, this is how mine turned out.

From the center of Georgetown on Hwy 30 look for the green sign that is going to point you into Georgetown Canyon. The sign can be viewed regardless of whether you come from the South or the North. From Hwy. 30 hit your odometer and at 2.4 miles the pavement will turn to dirt. The road sort of splits at this point with signs indicating that if you were to go left at this split you would be going on FR095 and if you just continue straight you will be on FR102. Just keep on heading straight on 102 and at around 0.8 miles from where the pavement ended you will see a sign on your right that says "Right Fork." Take this little side road and hit your odometer again.

This road gets narrower as you get farther along it (it's not the type of road you want to take a vehicle on if you like the paint job) and roughs up the farther you get, too. I think passenger cars could get about 1.5 miles up with no problem but after that, the center of the road starts to have more prominence than the ruts.

At 2.2 miles from the point where you turned onto Right Fork Road the road will split. Take the right split which is in a lot better shape. At 2.7 miles you will pass a some green cattle watering troughs and at 3 miles you will go by a White Pass Trail sign. Just keep heading up the main track passing by lesser ones until you reach a little clearing at 3.8 miles. The clearing will be marked with a fire ring made of white rocks just to the left off the road. Also branching off this little clearing by the fire ring will be an ATV track. If you look to your left at this point toward the ATV track and up the ridge line, you're going to notice that the ridge line has lots of rock pillars/boulders/etc. but to the right of all this the ridge line is clear (no rocks). That is where you are going to be aiming.

Ken Jones mentions in his write-up that he headed "610 paces" down this ATV track until he headed left up the steep hill until he hit the saddle. I basically followed his advice and ended up at the saddle right of the white rocks on the ridge. At the saddle, the peak , to your right will appear bigger than anything around but go to the left and you will go over a few false summits and end up at the top of the obviously highest thing in the area. Not by much though.

I found no register on the summit so I took it upon myself to leave one there. No BM as Ken mentioned. Just the 2 witness marks and a huge steel rod sticking out of the summit cairn.