Blaine County Highpoint Trip Report

Hyndman Peak

Date: August 7, 2006
Author: Edward Earl

I climbed Hyndman Peak main using Ken Jones' trip report. Though I found the report to be useful, there were a few inaccuracies and some conditions have changed, so I would like to offer an addendum.

1) The pavement on East Fork Road ends 1.2 miles before the Hyndman Creek turnoff. The total distance of 6.9 miles from ID-75 is correct.

2) There was no sign that any recreation pass is required on parked vehicles and no pass was displayed on any other vehicles at the trailhead.

3) The Hyndman Creek trailhead is well signed but there is no gate. The road does, however, deteriorate suddenly from gravel to a jeep track.

4) The trailhead is located at the boundary of sections 9 and 10, where the topo map shows a trail headed north from the road. In the field, however, the road and trail are reversed: the north branch (shown as a trail) is a jeep road, whereas the east branch, though shown as a road and was once a road, is now more like a trail.

5) There is no sign of trail #166 or any other trail number.

6) The bridge across the North Fork of Hyndman Creek is not made of planks but is a planed-off log with a handrail on one side. It appears new, and the bolts in it are shiny.