Blaine County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 17, 2007
Author: Charlie Winger

Ken Jones' trip report was right-on but I would like to suggest an alternative route to the summit.

There is currently a new sign for "Hyndman Cr. Tr. No. 166" at the parking area. Follow the trail down behind the sign to the creek where you have the option of either crossing the creek or turning left and hiking about 60 yards to the bridge mentioned in the other writeups. If you opt to cross the creek on rocks you will join the trail coming from the bridge crossing within a couple of minutes.

At about 10,200 feet where the grass ends and the talus begins, and just to the left of a small lake, you have the option of making a hard left turn to face a reddish gully which appears just to the left of a large black escarpment. This gully provides secure footing and a more direct route to the summit than does the route which takes you to the Hyndman saddle and then back toward the summit.

Start with an easy scramble at the mouth of the gully and then choose your path on either side of the gully toward the ridge above. At about 10,800 feet begin looking to your right to locate several "trails" which make an ascending traverse to the summit.

The trail up to about 10,200 feet is in good shape and easy to follow. There is one section where the trail has recently been rerouted but this does not present a problem.

Camping: George Vandersluis and I drove a short way past the trailhead to a point where the road ends (2WD OK) for a convenient campsite near the creek.