Bonner County High Point Trip Report

Scotchman Pk (7,709 ft - but see below)

Date: October 2, 2000
Author: Ken Jones

The junctions on the roads approaching the trailhead are all signed to Trail 65, though some of the signs are obscurely placed.

At the trailhead, there is no sign indicating the trail number or destination, but it is obvious. It is easily followed to the old lookout site on the summit.

Careful sightings yield the following: There are three closed 7000' contours in the summit area, one with a benchmark and a 7009' mapping. The central one is clearly tallest. Assuming the 7009' applies to the benchmark itself, the top of the westernmost contour is 7010' or 7011', and the central one is about 7013'. The more distant, easternmost of the three (based on a clinometer measurement) is between 7000' and 7005'. I would accept the claim of someone who visited only the central contour.