Bonneville County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Baird

Date: June 27, 2004
Author: James Wedekind

Around midnight I arrived at the Little Elk Creek Trailhead and immediately fell asleep. Little Elk Creek is easy to get to: From I-15 in Idaho Falls get on US 26 East and follow until you reach the Palisades Reservoir Dam. From there continue 2.5 miles east on 26 to a left turn on a gravel road signed for Little Elk Creek. Early the next morning I heard some commotion and awoke to a small black bear being chased by two dogs. I decided it was best to stay on the sidelines and conserve my energy for the hike.

The hike follows a good trail for 3.5 miles that starts on the left side of parking area. Eventually the trail crests a small ridge and Mount Baird comes into view. It totally dominates the skyline, especially with snow still clinging the vertical North face. Mount Baird is quite a beautiful peak, after shedding a few awe-struck tears I headed up the northwest ridge.

Since I always wear trail runners, it was fairly difficult kicking steps into the steep snow but after scaring myself a number of times I made it onto the ridge proper and up to the summit. Simply awesome views of the Tetons and the approaching Tunderstorms.

Arrived back at my truck right at noon just in time to enjoy some beef jerky.

Hike statistics: 9 miles, 4,200 feet of gain, 4.5 hours.