Camas County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 12, 2001
Author: Ken Jones

Drive: Find the Owl Creek road on the southwest side of ID state route 75 (labeled US 93 on the 1970 Galena 7-1/2" quad; apparently US 93 has been rerouted since). This junction is about 20 miles north of Ketchum and about 2-3/4 miles south of Galena Lodge. It is somewhat obscure, as it looks more like a turnout than a road junction. The road immediately crosses Big Wood River by fording it; there is a USFS road number sign (181) on the other side. (WARNING: I got water splashed onto the hood of my Subaru Outback in mid-August of a drought year driving across this river. Early season, and perhaps all year in most years, be sure you know what you are getting into before attempting to drive across the river.) Follow the road to its end in about 3.5 miles. Along the way you will cross a bike path, and hit several rough and/or muddy spots. I found a rough spot/washout about 0.2 miles short of the end of the road which took me two tries to get across (where the intermittent stream from just east of point 9654 crosses the road); you might want to stop before this.

Hike: From the end of the road, cross the stream which drops down from Bromaghin Peak and follow up the northern bank of the other fork (trending southwest to start). This is wooded to begin, and easier going a bit above the creek. Just below the "W" in "SAWTOOTH" on the map you will exit the trees. It is now reasonably easy going to follow on the bank above the stream as it makes a big fishhook to the basin west and southwest of point 9616. From here, head up the gully to hit the ridge just northwest of point 10,337 and walk to the highpoint. NOTE: The USGS quad is wrong. It shows a closed contour west of point 10,337 at 10,360. Multiple sightings by several highpointers confirm that point 10,337 is highest, and that there should not be a 10,360 contour where it is shown.