Camas County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 26, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

Easily forded Big Wood River on FR 181 just off US 75 with a Toyota. Drove 3.7 miles to end of road.

Very surprised to get up there and find out that Unnamed 10,337 is a lot higher (20+ feet) than 10,360+ ft indicated by USGS map. Even the knob between the two, which is lower than Unnamed 10337, is significantly higher. As I crested the ridge it was visible and immediately obvious which was higher and we went there first, left register. Perhaps we are jumping the gun to claim Unnamed 10,337 the Camas highpoint. It's possible that there is someplace X in Camas county, 10,337 < X < 10,360.

Trip Statistics: 7 hours, 4 miles, 2400 feet elevation gain.