Cassia County Highpoint Trip Report

Cache Peak (10,339 ft)

Date: July 23, 2007
Author: Jerry Brekhus

This is the highest Idaho peak south of the Snake River. We followed the detailed driving directions in the trip Report by Ken Jones. I parked the Grand Vitara near the middle of Section 25 and we walked the remaining mile and a half to the end of the road. It turned out that we were already past some of the rockiest stretches so, with the worst behind us, I likely could have driven the rest of the way.

Ken Jones followed a track for some distance toward Mount Independence. He wrote "I think it goes to the Independence/Cache saddle but I didn't go that far on it." We stayed on that track and it indeed goes to the saddle between Independence and Cache Peak. From there, we made our way along the ridge to the summit. There were some boulders and brush along the way.

Near the summit there were thousands of butterflies. The butterflies were no problem but a bee (or similar insect) stung me on the elbow. I had never been stung before, so I was thinking it would not be a good place to find out that I was allergic. Fortunately, I had no significant reaction.

We returned by the same route as our ascent.