Clearwater County Highpoint Trip Report

Rhodes Peak

Date: July 26, 2005
Author: Ben Knorr

My second to last highpoint of the trip looked relatively easy. Ken Jonesí directions were perfect.

I made Goat Lake in about an hour and was greeted with jumping fish once I arrived. Moving on, the trail is a little overgrown but easily seen and felt as you're moving along. Once it crests the Williams south ridge, a few cairns show the right way to go as no path can be seen through the meadow. Another lake (looks seasonal on the maps) or two were located just east of Williams Peak. The second lake looked like a great place to camp in the future. Continuing on, the trail is excellent and makes it as far as the saddle just south of Rhodes. The final ridge walk is easy on dirt, boulders, and grass.

The register is currently lacking a pen or pencil and I was all out after Quartz a few days before. I used a burned match to mark it. It was a beautiful day, and I finished up my trip's hikes on a high note. The register also had some cool information about Rhodes and the mining activity in the area in years past. Very interesting.

I came in at about 6 hours round trip with very sore feet from the days before.