Custer County High Point Trip Report

Borah Peak (12,662 ft)

Date: July 1, 2000
Author: Edward Earl

Lots of people have done this one, and I did it pretty much by the book, so I won't give a complete account. There are a couple of updates of note, though. First, I could find no evidence on the earthquake fault of 1983 on the drive up, so whatever road damage there was from that has been completely repaired. Second, there are now about 4 or 5 campsites at the trailhead -- very convenient for those who want an early start. There's also a bathroom now. I stayed at one of the campsites and started at 5 AM to beat the electricity. A well-worn use trail now goes the entire way, but I suggest that you not follow it at Chicken Out Ridge where it traverses several steep icy chutes with great exposure below. I recommend that you climb the pinnacles on the crest of the ridge instead, where the exposure is no greater than 15'. For me, the famous snow bridge was not exposed at all because its crest was pretty broad. I reached the summit around 10 AM. The heavy stainless steel register box has been shattered by a lightning strike.