Franklin County High Point Trip Report

elevation 9,484 ft

Date: August 19, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

After visiting the Rich Co. [Utah] HP it is a simple matter to pick up the Franklin Co. HP by taking a dirt road drive a few miles up Beaver Creek into Idaho. A car should be able to get to about a mile south of the peak if the road is dry.

There are a couple ways to the top. We followed the ATV trail to pass 8,840+ west of the peak, and then made a bee line up a forested but open slope. Some small cliffs near the top are easily bypassed. There is a pretty view north from the summit, with the actual summit rock too spiky for me to stand on.

The hike was trash free except for the very top, but Guy packed out about 24 Bush [sic] beer cans from there. Turns out that David Olson had gathered them to one location on his earlier ascent.

We enjoyed a quiet bush camp near the peak, but suffered our second (and last) flat the next morning - a nail in the right front tire. Changing it out was complicated by the cow manure prevalent in that locality.