Jefferson County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 6, 2003
Authors: Jerry and Betty Brekhus

We discovered a way up that follows roads or ATV trails all the way to the HP areas within two 6660-foot contours. We parked near FR 218 where it turns sharply to the northeast near the northeast corner of Section 34. Elevation at parking area is 6,230 feet.

A few hundred feet up a road to southwest we came to a gate and signs prohibiting motor vehicles. We turned right and hiked on the closed road. The road switchbacks up toward the top of the ski area at Kelly Mountain. ATV tracks head more directly up. We hiked upward, sometimes on the road, sometimes on ATV tracks. We reached the top of a ski lift. From there, an ATV trail heads southeast past a communication tower. The tower, in Madison County, is higher than the Jefferson County HP. A little way past the tower, turn right back to the west across an ATV-width cattle guard. Cattle guard is at UTM zone 12 (450734 E, 4830609 N), WGS84 datum. Follow the ATV trail west to the HP area. ATV tracks were not fresh. If indeed area is closed to motor traffic, these tracks may eventually be covered by vegetation.

We located the refrigerator-sized rock described by Bob Martin and added our names to the pill bottle register. We agree that the rock is the HP. Magellan GPS 2000XL showed 6,682 feet UTM zone 12 (449347 E, 4830825 N), WGS84 datum. Hand-leveling showed no higher ground. We also visited the other 6,660+ foot area.

As alluded to above, the actual summit of Kelly Mountain is not in Jefferson County. Higher areas of Kelly Mountain are located in both Madison and Bonneville Counties, the highest being on or near the 6805 VABM in Bonneville County. We did not go there.