Jerome County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 1, 1997
Author: John Mitchler
Rating: 3 star because of geologic interest
Owner: BLM? or ranch?

General: A grassy slope on an old crater in NE corner of the county.

Approach: Figure out a way to get to Kimama (you'll find yourself repeating that name) and take S 3150 E road 3.3 miles to E 1070 S road and turn right (west). Travel about four miles on this road which is also known as Kimama Rd. As you take it west, Kimama Butte looms ahead of you. It is actually a large volcanic feature (cinder cone?) and is worth the drive up to the summit rim on the good road. Just as the road reaches the hill, it turns left (south), goes under a power line, and angles up the east slope. A guy was working at the facility on the top and didn't mind our presence. Not a lonely guy considering all the trash and party artifacts laying around up there.

Drive back down and carefully note where the power lines cross the road and at that point take the service road under the line left (west). Go 0.8 miles to a cross road. At one point under the power line, the road makes a minor but sharp jog to the left. I recall this being a rocky section. At mile 0.8, turn left (south) and follow a faint road that all but disintegrates across range land just west of Kimama Butte. At mile 1.6 you'll possibly see some offshoot roads. Ignore them. Bear south and eventually west to some crater and rim features that are grass covered and look very worn. The road travels on flat ground with a crater to your right (north) and a rim to your left (south). The Jerome Co. line is north-south at the very west edge of the crater. I suggest you park at mile 2.8 at the saddle (you'll know what I mean by this . . . the road continues west and descends steeply).

Park and walk up the ridge of the crater rim, south of the road. If you go up to the top you will surely have crossed the highpoint of Jerome Co. Take a compass and try to find the spot on the ridge directly south of the west edge of the crater to your north. To leave the area I took a rather bold route by going west down the hill and following it through the backside of a ranch complex complete with farm buildings and hired hands driving farm machines around. I waved. It's easy to pick up a good north-south road, such as Crestview Rd, and take it south 11 miles to I-84. Take this 25 miles west to Twin Falls ID which has only ONE falls because the second falls has been damned for hydro-power. Worth visiting. Also Shoshone Falls.