Kootenai County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 23, 2002
Author: Tyler Nimke

I dirt-biked up Twin Crags Road from Latour Creek, could only get to about 5,700 feet before the road was snowed in solid, which was further than I expected to get since last winter was such a heavy snow year around here (4x4 ATV's have made it all the way through already). I would not recommend this road to anybody whose vehicle has a nice paint job or low clearance, or anyone without a chain saw early in the season.

I hopped up onto Latour Peak's west ridge and hiked to the top. The cornice along the ridge is still at least 20 feet high and Mirror Lake, which is over 600 feet straight down, is still frozen with just a few cracks in the ice. I walked over to Twin Crags to look at the old lookout tower. I then headed down the ridge to the south to Benewah County's high point.