Lewis County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 26, 2005
Author: Ben Knorr

I called the property owner the night before and got a very quick, 20-second green light to go onto the property. I camped at the fence the night before and planned to make a quick run to the highpoint in the morning after making breakfast, then cleaning up to make it back to the Spokane airport in the afternoon.

The dirt here was the powdered dust kind, so I could imagine how muddy it would get with any kind of moisture. I noticed that there were several fences that need to be crossed in the process of getting to the highest ground. One set of fences indicated "NEZ PERCE INDIAN LAND". The highpoint area looks to be in the midst of a logging operation -- or a brush clearing operation at least. Little or no dirt seems to have moved so for the moment the highpoint was undisturbed.

The highpoint was completely boring and I couldn't believe I made the detour from Missoula all the way down here to hit this one instead of driving directly to Spokane. The farmland nearby is neat. I drove through Slickpoo on the way to Lewiston (no joke).

The roads approaching from Ken Jones' directions were in decent shape but some deep ruts were there, probably because of a couple drivers that came on a wet day and trashed the road. I don't think I would've gone out there on a wet day.