Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 6, 1999
Author: Ken Jones

From the intersection of US 20 and Idaho 46, head south on Idaho 46 for 12.7 miles to the signed junction left (0.0 miles) to Thorn Creek Reservoir. This is at logical milepost 30.5, if you are coming from the south. Turn toward the reservoir, keeping right at a junction at 1.8miles. Cross a fence line at 3.2 miles and reach a left fork at 3.8.

Keep right, skip forks left, and cross the outlet of the reservoir at 4.1. Skip more forks to the left, and pass a jeep trail right at 5.2. A cattle guard is reached at 7.0, and an intersection at 7.9. Go left, skipping a jeep trail right at 8.2. Cross another cattle guard at 8.9, and park at the saddle at 9.7. Passenger cars can probably get here when it's dry.

Hike up the ridge to the east, keeping to the left side where it levels out on top. I'm not sure where the HP is. We went to the highest point in the area (determined by clinometer sighting). There are also two white PVC posts in the area which may mark the offset section corners (33/34 to the east, 3/4 to the west). If they do, the highest point on the plateau is not in Lincoln county; in that case it is near the eastern post. Hit 'em all!