Minidoka County High Point Trip Report

Bear Den Butte

Date: May 2002
Author: Dan Robbins

Following the tip in Ken Jones' report stating "a stroll around the crater rim to the western summit is recommended, but not required", Zach Vickery and I headed off towards the cairn on the western summit after hitting the highpoint. Halfway to our destination, Zach was buzzed by a rattler, which we watched hide under a rock. We quickly headed to the cairn, looked around a minute, then headed back. Staying on the grass near where we saw the first rattler, we studied the terrain. We soon spotted no less that 3 rattlers at the head of a hole going beneath a large lava rock. A few feet further from the den, the previous rattler buzzed away, meaning no less then 4 rattlesnakes were present. Based on this, I would recommend visiting only the grassy, true highpoint, or planning the trip in the late fall or early spring when the snakes aren't out.