Owyhee County High Point Trip Report

Hayden Peak

Date: September 25 or 26, 1999
Author: Ken Jones

From Idaho route 78 (about 4 miles SE of Murphey) take the clearly signed Silver City road. Follow the main road for about 17.8 miles (your odometer may vary) to New York Summit (not signed); 0.5 mile beyond take a left (18.3 miles from highway). Fork at 19.6, keep right. Fork at 19.8, keep left. Cross-road at 21.1, signs indicate "Silver City 5, Triangle 24", continue straight.

Around 21.8, begin a series of forks (you're on the SE shoulder of War Eagle Mtn here). You can see a ridge south of you, extending east and containing several peaks including Hayden/Cinnabar. Head for the ridge (I think it was left, left, right over the course of 1/4 mile, but I leave it to your navigational skills). At 24.0 miles, reach the saddle west of Turntable Mtn. At 25.3, there's a fork with a sign indicating "Cinebar (sic) Mountain."

At this point a jeep trail switchbacks to the summit. Even if you got this far with a street car (unlikely, except Andy and his Accord?) I'd recommend walking without high-clearance 4WD. There's no place to turn around until the switchback.