Power County High Point Trip Report

Deep Creak Peak (8,748 ft)

Date: October 3, 2002
Author: James Wedekind

I followed Ken Jones very detailed directions, and had no problems finding the saddle and the small parking area.

When I arrived at the saddle I put on my boots and stuffed my pack with gloves, shell, and hat just in case. The sky looked ominous and I didn't have a map, so the least I could do was bring some cold weather gear. As I started up the hill on road left I turned on my GPS and quickly realized I was headed the wrong way. So I turned around and headed up a small hill and jeep track on road right. About 100 yards further along the jeep track, Deep Creak Peak will come into better view and you can see exactly where you're final goal is located.

I followed some faint use trails and skirted some rock bands as I made my way down to the saddle between the road and Deep Creek Peak (approximately 300 feet of elevation loss). From there it is best to stay along the ridge line as you ascend the bare slope. The views were spectacular with the golden aspen and forest green pines. The route is straightforward from here as you continue to go up until you can't go up any further.

There is a rock cairn on the summit with a Ziploc container, which contains scraps of paper and a pseudo register. When I uncovered the register I also uncovered a secret ladybug burial site where well over 100 ladybugs had ended their lives. Quite interesting. I signed the register and noticed Bob Martin's name and some rather large cohp number adjacent to the signature.