Shoshone County Highpoint Trip Report

Illinois Peak

Date: May 27, 2007
Author: Ken Russell

See description on Summitpost. I found a wide spot along the Cedar Creek Road and slept in my truck.

In the morning, found the road was blocked by trees and snow at the Gildersleeve Mine. Walked the road to Freezeout Pass. From there to the summit, the snow was generally 2-6 feet deep. Snow was solid enough that I didn't have to put my snowshoes on. Weather steadily got worse and, by the time I summitted, visibility was less than 100 feet, wind was gusting to 20 mph, and it was raining. Couldn't find a register.

When I got back to my truck, the family that owns the Gildersleeve had shown up. They're proud of the history of their gold mine and they welcome drop in visitors (stay away from the shaft). The two crosses on the summit are for members of the mine owner's family.

Climb statistics: 2,160 feet elevation gain; 7 miles round trip.