Twin Falls County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 12, 2000
Author: Ken Jones

On US Hwy 93 at virtual milepost 18.2, turn west (then south) into Rogerson. At 0.7 miles turn right onto the main road west (this point may also be reached via the southern end of the Rogerson loop from Hwy 93). Follow this main paved road (labeled Three Creek Road in Delorme) generally westerly and southerly. At 8.3 miles you'll drive across the top of the Salmon Falls Dam. At 16.9 you'll pass a dirt turnoff on your right signed to Cedar Creek Reservoir. At 26.3 miles you'll find a dirt road on the left, with a small sign indicating "Wilson Creek, Lime Creek" just before the paved road drops down to Devil Creek Ranch. Turn left toward Wilson Creek and reset your odometer. You'll stay on the main road past a number of less-major roads and tracks. Skip the forks left at 0.2 and 0.9 miles, and cross a cattle guard on the fence line at 2.2 miles. Keep right on the main road at 2.9 and 4.4, and cross another fence line and cattle guard at 4.9. Skip the left fork at 5.5, cross another fence/cattle guard at 5.6, and continue straight (bending left) at 5.7 miles, passing a small pond not shown on the map (may be dry at some times of year). Another fence/cattle guard is crossed at 6.4 miles; keep left at 6.7. At 7.7 miles, turn off the main road to the right on the unsigned road to Guerry Corral, which you will reach/pass at 8.4 miles, immediately crossing a small creek. Several of the roads shown on the quad in this area don't appear to exist any more. Just past the corral keep right past an unmapped left fork, and pass through the washout from a spring. This is the first point at which you might have doubts about continuing to drive in a passenger sedan. There were two tracks evident; the uphill one was less muddy but went through a foot or so of water. The alternate road on the map, turning right opposite the corral, no longer appears to exist on the ground. At a 4-way intersection at 8.8 miles keep left on the most obvious road. This climbs gently for 0.8 to 0.9 more miles to the saddle between the two possibilities for the Twin Falls county highpoint. Park.

Each of the two bumps is a short walk from the road. The more southwesterly one has a track almost to the summit which is passable to high clearance vehicles. The more northeasterly one can be driven with 4WD - I saw vehicle tracks in the summit vicinity. I used my clinometer to sight in both directions, and I believe that the northeasterly summit is higher (by 3 or 4 feet).

Hiking is insignificant (~5 to 10 minutes and <100 feet gain per bump from the saddle).