Valley County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 29-31, 2001
Author: Bob Packard

From Cascade, ID drove out Warm Lake Road, then Forest Road 579 (both good, paved) 34.5 miles to Landmark Corner, then north on Forest Road 413 (good gravel) 13.5 miles to Forest Road 440. Sign there says Trapper Flat 3, Thunder Mountain Road. Up Forest Road 440 (4WD, high clearance) to cross log-plank bridge over Trapper Creel at Lower Trapper Flat. Just beyond was a tree across the road, trunk on ground on one side, top up in trees on other side. I pulled it out of the way by using my tow strap and backing up. On to an intersection (marked) with Forest Road 440A which I took to within sight of small cabin at Trapper Flat, 4.5 miles from Forest Road 413. At that point there was a 2-foot diameter tree flat across the road. No moving THAT. Camped.

The second day in drizzle and rain hiked 440A (really an ATV trail) to saddle at 8040. From here on, my route would be same as route to be used by Ken Jones later. On up ATV trail to intersection with Big Baldy Ridge Trail (marked "Hiking Trail"). Followed trail to tent camp at pond northwest of Buck lake. Rained hard all afternoon and late into the night. Next day in rain, poor visibility, even snow which was sticking near summit, got up Big Baldy Look-out which I didn't see until I was just a few feet away.

Clouds lifted while I was up there. Left register. Back to break camp and get back to camper climbing Pistol Peak on the way.

Trip Statistics: 21 hours, 36 miles, 9400 feet elevation gain