Washington County High Point Trip Report

Cuddy Mtn

Date: August 7, 2000
Author: Bob Packard

From Council, ID drove out the Hornet Creek Road. At a 3 way split, took a left onto FR 55 (dirt) a sign saying Cuddy Mountain, 10 miles. After 9.5, last 6 very rough, came to a T and a sign saying Buck Park 4, Cuddy Mountain Overlook 5, Council-Cuprum Rd 8. Decided to camp and figure out the whole mess hiking next day. At 8.7 miles from the 3 way papers stapled to trees told me to stay straight (don't turn left) to get to Buck Park. Next day (Aug 7) walked up FR 55 going left, up and South at the T. After 200 yards the road got nearly level and much better. I should have driven it! Came to a gate and unsigned FR 087 with sign to turn right for Cuddy Mountain Overlook. Left goes to Buck Park. Got to Cuddy Mt Overlook which looks N down 4000 ft into No Business Canyon. A little further came to another W looking overlook at a 7702 saddle. A sign says Route 71 (a good paved road) 6 Miles. I would say this suggests the best approach to the Washington County HP. From route 71 you could take FR 44 and FR 82, leaving only a 3 mile hike up trail to the 7702 saddle. There would, however, be 3000 ft elevation gain. At any rate Cuddy Mtn Summit is a short way S on the road-trail from the 7702 saddle.

Statistics: 4.25 hours, 10 miles, 1000 feet elevation gain.