Washington County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 8, 2003
Authors: Barney Metz & Sammy Metz

This was part of a supposed 4-county trip over two days: Washington County, Owyhee, Payette, and Gem Counties all of Idaho. We left Saturday afternoon and were going to take the ATV within walking distance of Washington County's Cuddy Mountain. We followed Ken Jones' report which has excellent directions, but at the 7000 foot mark the snow was getting deep. We abandoned the ATV and continued on foot over the snow.

However, it was wet and mushy and slow going. We continued up hoping that the snow on top would start to thin out as we climbed out of the trees, but near spot elevation 7723 we could see Cuddy Mountain and decided to abandon this CoHP. Ten year olds are not up for laborious mush snow 4-mile round-trip bushwhacks. The snow was anywhere from 3-7 feet deep from the mine shafts all the way as far as I could discern with my naked eye to the CoHP. We will come back and get this one.