Clinton County High Point Trip Report

two areas (595+ ft)

Date: May 12, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

This Kaskaskia River bluff area, known as the Pelican Pouch, threw me for a big loop. I believe I got both areas, but would not be 100% surprised if I missed one. I had originally thought that one spot was the second area, but in the field, I noticed that to my horror, it was only 590+. I did some searching, and went up every high area I could find. Later, double checking the very confusing topo, I believe that I did get the second area.

Head south on IL 127 from Carlyle. Turn right at the Carlyle Lake GC (about 1.3 miles south of US 50), on Slant Road (also signed pointing to BSA camp). Road will curve at 2.5 miles. At 3.2 miles, turn left on 1100 N, to Royal Lake. Proceed on road for 2.1 miles to Pelican Rd (Pollman Rd). The road will make a sharp right 2/10 mile from 1100N. At Pelican Rd, to reach the first area, turn right for 1/4 mile or so - high area is to the right (north) in small hay field.

Turn around, and head east, past Royal Lake Rd. Road will make sharp turn to right, and a private, posted road will head off on the left. Park on the main road a little ways from the posted road, and head into the unposted woods on the left (paralleling the private road. The highpoint will be in the woods after approximately 2/10 mile.

Topo chart