Douglas County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 17, 2002
Author: Tim Worth

Though this county does have 10 areas to visit, it took less than 2 hours to complete. These remote, nondescript high areas consist of a clump of 4 points, and a clump of 6 points a couple miles to the east. Expect to cover a lot of ground on foot in the farm fields.

This county provided a good opportunity to improve my hand leveling skills. I'm a bit of a novice as far as leveling goes, so despite my observations, I'd still suggest visiting all 10 areas to claim the county until my field checks can be confirmed by another cohp'er.

Trivia: The IL Geological Survey web site listed on the Illinois page has Douglas county ranked as the flattest county in Illinois in terms of percent slope and average relief.

areas 1-4 (13-16N-10E)

I numbered these areas from west to east, with area 4 being the smallest contour of the four, south of the large contour (area 3). From my home in Champaign, I took IL 130 south to Villa Grove, then headed east on 1450N for seven miles to 2350E. From here I made a right(south) on 2350, continued for a mile where the road turns to dirt, continued for ~0.7 miles to a crop line on the left (east) dividing soybeans and corn crops. The four areas are in the corn part of the field, as laid out in the topo. Areas 1 and 3 leveled the highest, with area 2 being much lower and area 4 being very close.

Topo chart

areas 5-10 (4/5/9-16N-14W)

From areas 1-4, I went west on 1250N for ~2.5 miles then north on 2580E, passing a cemetery on the left (west) and then making a right (east) on 1425N. After a little over a mile, go north on 2680E, pass an unusual looking brown house(numbered 1450) on the left(west). Areas 5-9 are in the field to the right(east), I've numbered them from west to east. Area #5 is actually right on the road north of the brown house at a crest in the gentle ridge. #6, and #7 are in the bare soybean field - #7 (the largest contour to the south) leveled slightly higher than either #5 or #6. Areas #8 and #9 are in a corn field to the east - #8 is to the south by the fence line - it leveled higher then #9 and equal to #7.

To get to area #10, hike back to your car and drive south back to 1450N, make a left (east). Pass Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, go up a gentle ridge to some houses on the left (north). This is the high contour. I got up and looked around a bit, but I'd say driving over is enough to claim the point.

Topo chart