Douglas County High Point Trip Report

Author: John Mitchler

In east central IL southeast of Champaign, this multiple-area cornfield tour will take a few hours to do. Tim Worth's report is right on.

We had a nice breakfast at Merry Ann's in Champaign at Neil Street and Kriby Avenue and then drove south on Neil Street (IL45). We turned left (east) on CR6 (1450N) to IL130 in Villa Grove. From here it was 7 miles east on 1450N to 2350E (a total of 25 miles from breakfast).

We agree with Tim that area 1 (farthest west) and area 3 (by the tree line) are highest here. We then attacked the 6 areas to the northeast and again agree that area 7 (largest in section 5) is highest, although only slightly. For area 9 we drove to an empty farmhouse after getting permission from Clinton and Marilyn Smith (due south of area 9 and south of 1425N). The final area (farthest east) has a new home on it with loud dogs and is highest at the house.

All in all a good one to get done with.