DuPage County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 18, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

From the intersection of Route 59 and Bartlett Road, proceed west to Naperville Road, then south on Naperville. Naperville Road becomes Sayer Road. Proceed south to Alder Lane (or a bit further to Litchfield Lane) and turn right (west). This is a new development that is not on the topo and caused quite a bit of confusion. At the end of Alder Lane, turn right (north) onto Litchfield to its end. At the end of Litchfield Lane is a fence which is the border for a horse farm (shown on the topo) and is the county line. The highpoint is one of two points along the fence in the back yards of house numbers 495 (on the east side) and 496 (on the west). The owners were friendly and accommodating but skeptical of the reasons for my visit. After Lobdellizing and leaving, I hope they recognized the innocuous nature of the visit.

The other area for DuPage is definitely manmade. It is the site of the biggest landfill I have seen in a long time. It is also adjacent to the Mallard Lake County Forest Preserve and Mallard Lake. I shudder to think what is leaching into this lake. By the topography of the area, the landfill cannot have any natural features that would put it above the 770-foot natural altitude.