Edgar County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 31, 2001
Author: Tim Worth

There are two nearby areas to visit for this corn-covered county. From Paris, IL, take state route 16 west about 10 miles, then turn left (south) at 450th Street, near the small town of Grandview. Take 450th Street south about 3 miles until you hit 300th Road, take a right (east). Travel maybe a half mile until you come to the top of an obvious ridge. You will see a short grain silo, dilapidated wooden storage shed, and bee keeping equipment to the left. Park here.

The highpoint is slightly north of the wooded area, to the west of the grain silo. Walk through the field past the wooded area; veering left (west) you will see an obvious ridge which is the high contour. As expected, I could not find the Kansas BM.

The second area is about a mile east of the first. I approached this highpoint from the east. From Grandview, take the poorly marked Clarksville Road southeast. Pass 400th Road, descend into a creek bed. While ascending, look for a fenced in livestock yard to the right (west) and a well maintained brown house on the left. Pass the house, then park on the south edge of the livestock yard to the right. Bushwhack west to the top of a small wooded hill with cornfields on the left (south) edge. Keep your eyes open for an old, decrepit barn in the forest. Follow the edge of the forest west to reach the high contour, which is in cornfield just to the south. Unfortunately, this corn field had not yet been harvested, making progress somewhat cumbersome.