Edwards County High Point Trip Report

Author: John Mitchler

In southeast IL, this highpoint is crowned by a chemical container the size of a skyscraper. Tim Worth's report is right on.

I recorded some mileages from when you turn off 400E onto 325N. At mile 1.3 stay right at 300N and at mile 2.4 turn right at the north edge of a brown house. From there, go 0.35 mile to a four-way junction of dirt roads. I'm glad Tim described a red gate. In the dark it was good to have clues.

Tim's "silo" is really a chemical storage tower. Note the security fence. Note the danger signs. Note the "lack of oxygen" warnings. I think it's nitrogen for oil wells.

If you're in Grayville, take State Street north (0.4 mile east of the county line in town on the main drag). After 1.6 miles, turn left (west) and stay right at mile 2.8 and stay left at mile 3.4 and turn left at mile 4.0. Grayville is famous for its bar scene though there's few places to eat.