Fayette County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 3, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

From US 51, at the Shelby/Fayette County Line, go west on the County Line Road (Fayette County 3300N) 6 miles to 200 E. Turn left on 200E, go 3 miles south to 3000N. Turn right on 3000N for 1/2 mile to 150E. 150E is not shown on the topo, but it is shown on the Delorme. It is marked as 150E, but is more of grass lane leading to fields, but since it has a county road number, I assume it is public.

You can drive the lane easily if you have a truck, would not recommend in car, but since the high area is less than a half-mile south, that is not a problem. Since I was in an Explorer, I drove 0.4 mile to near end of road, parked, and walked through a wheat field in the rain to the highest area in the field.

The high area is hidden from surrounding area by tree lines on three sides, with no houses to the north. Road 3000N was a dirt road that could be a bit treacherous with heavy rain. Otherwise, all roads were paved or decent gravel.

Topo chart