Hamilton County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 16, 2001
Author: Tim Worth

I had tried this one in September, but I had an outdated list of five areas in the southeast corner of the county. The latest revision has "1 small area 630+ - 3-5S-5E". Finding this area was a LOT easier than finding the previous five.

Take IL 14 east from Benton, pass into Hamilton county. Make a left (north) at 300E, Go ~ 3 miles north, then make a right (east) at 1400N. Go a half mile to 350E, which is not shown on the topo but is shown on Delorme. The road was difficult in spots due to the heavy rain but should be no problem for a 4WD. Near the end of the road are a bunch of trailers on the right; it didn't appear that anyone was living in these. The area was heavily posted.

I parked here and walked a short distance north to the high area, which is a grassy field surrounded by sparse forest. With a good vehicle you could probably drive the rest of the way to the top. I Lobdellized the area, unsuccessfully looked for the Davis BM, and left.

Topo chart