Hardin County High Point Trip Report

High Knob

Date: December 23, 2002
Author: John Mitchler

At the southern tip of IL is a near-twofer with two counties highest ground on the same famous hill in Shawnee National Forest. Gallatin County's summit is on the top of High Knob and Hardin County's highest point is near the top of High Knob near the road, along the River to River Trail.

On IL34, 7 miles north of IL146 and 2 miles south of Herod, turn east on paved Karbers Ridge Road and go 4.6 miles to Karbers Ridge and the unassuming turnoff left (north) to High Knob. On the way at mile 1.8 note the turnoff to Garden of the Gods, an area of interesting rock formations worth visiting. From Karbers Ridge, go 1.7 miles on High Knob Road, turn right (east) on gravel High Knob Lane, passing a commercial campground. This lane does an honest climb to the top of High Knob at 0.8 mile. The lookout tower is gone but the four cement foundation posts remain as does the BM. There are picnic tables, an outhouse, and views. This is the Gallatin cohp.

To figure out where the Hardin County highpoint is, you'll need to identify the unmarked county line. The county line is reached just before reaching the road curve as it winds among pancake rocks outcrops. Note that the topo shows the road curving right (east) at the county line. The current road goes to the left (west). The trace of the old road can be seen off to the right if you're alert. Look at your topo: the River to River trail follows the dashed line shown on it. Note that the trail goes east-west along the county line. Watch for the R2R trail and walk it to this east-west trend and then cut back due west to traverse the county highpoint liner. There is a north-south fence just east of the road, with yellow national forest signs, trees, and a pond, all likely south of the highpoint liner. For lodging, Arrowhead Lodge is $35/night and is east & south of Karbers Ridge; follow signs.