Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 25, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

The five areas are on either side of IL 37 just south of the Marion County line. Go approximately 2/10 mile south on IL 37, pull up to white farmhouse on the east side of the road. The owner of the house, Ken Welker, only owns the land immediately surrounding his house, but said that the areas to the west of the highway would be no problem to visit, as the company that owns the land has no problem with people hiking/riding on them. Ken allowed me to park at his house while I attempted the three areas, plus the tiny area next to his house.

I crossed the road, and headed across the fields to the northernmost area. The field had been harvested, but the stalks where still a foot high. The high area is about 3/10 mile to the west of the road, in the field. I walked around the field, and then headed to the small area to the southwest. The fence line just south of the first high area has a few gaps that can be navigated. I crossed that field, crossing a wet area just south of the pond on the topo.

The second area is also on a fence line, at the edge of some trees. While the topo shows a fence line all the way through the field, the tree line stops at approximately the high area.

I then backtracked to the road, and followed the field near the road south to the third area. Because of trees, I could not sight from one area to another.

The fourth area, which is near the farmhouse, is lower than the third area, and just into a field.

I then drove south to the next house on the east, a trailer with horse pens. The owner said it would be no problem to drive the grassy lane shown on the topo that stops just short of the fifth area. I navigated the rental car to the end of the lane, and then walked the remaining distance to high area, which is in an overgrown bean field.