Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 28, 2001
Author: John Mitchler

Jon Mann's trip report was very helpful here. Thank you.

Rather than bother the homeowner, I parked at the Zion Grove Cemetery and retraced Jon's route, and managed to find the tree-hidden pond in the north half of section 2. I concur that the HP area is at the end of the tree line, perhaps out in the field. I walked among the trees anyway looking for higher ground. I too drove to the center of section 1 to the HP area which appears near the lane. I actually drove further than I needed to and clocked 0.5 mile from the HP back out to the highway (IL 37).

To reach Dix (and IL 37) from I-57, take Exit 103 and go 0.7 mile east. At night, the tree fence lines gave the area a lonely remote feeling, although the whine of trucks on nearby I-57 was loud and obnoxious.