Logan County High Point Trip Report

Elkhart Hill

Date: January 7, 2002
Author: Tim Worth

Jon Mann informed me that the landowners on the southwest edge of Elkhart Hill had turned him away. I decided to approach from Elkhart cemetery, which is northeast of the two HPs.

To get to Elkhart cemetery, take I-55 south of Lincoln, exit at Elkhart, which is county route 10. County 10 will wind through Elkhart and eventually head directly east. At this point, the road goes over part of Elkhart Hill. Look for the cemetery entrance to the right (south), just before the road passes under an old concrete bridge. The cemetery is interesting, featuring a very old church and a plaque describing historical figures of the area.

A dirt road leads out of the cemetery to the HPs. It's pretty apparent, you'll see a steel gate with a wooden, rotten table/step stool along the side of the gate, and plenty of postings. Hike up less than a quarter mile and you are at the first area, a rise just off the trail to the right.

The second area is maybe 200 yards to the southwest. There was bee-keeping equipment, a pile of cinder blocks, and the Gillett BM at the second area. The BM is named for John Dean Gillett, whose house was originally on the south side of Elkhart Hill.