Massac County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 11, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

From I-24, Exit 37 (Last exit in Illinois), go east on US 45 one-tenth mile, turn left (north) on Ill 145. Go 6.2 miles to Rosebud Road. Turn right (east). There is a sign to Round Knob pointing left, but go right. Follow Rosebud Road 3.9 miles to T intersection. Paved road curves to left (north), turn on gravel road on right (south). First area is 4/10 of a mile to the south, at road crest. The area on the road bank is as high as any in the pastures on either side. Continue south on the gravel road to a house on the left. This is where you will need to get permission if you want to go into the pasture on the left side of the first area, as well as most of the second area. I spoke with Mrs. Jackson at the house - once she got assurances I was not a hunter, she granted me permission to access either area. She also told me where to get permission for the rest of the 2nd area, and the 3rd area (Mr. Fritz). Accessing the 2nd area is easier through the Fritz property, but she would allow me to access it if I could not get it from Mr Fritz. Mrs Jackson knew the area was the highest in the county.

To get to Mr Fritz's house, and the other two areas, continue south on the gravel road (which, curiously, is paved for a short stretch in front of a mobile home) for 0.6 mile. Road will curve left. Mr Fritz's house is very old house 0.2 mile on right. House number is 7301. Use the far door on the east side. Mr Fritz is in his 80's and moves slowly. He allowed me on his property (and told me quite a few stories as well, so be prepared to talk a bit).

Second/Third Areas - continue past Mr Fritz's house 0.1 mile. Road curves to right, turn left onto small lane. Park here. The third area is in the field to your left, a very small area (and lower than the 2nd). I walked beside the field to the fence line that separates the Jacksons from Mr Fritz's field. The second area is mostly in the Jackson's, partially in Mr. Fritz's. I walked the fence line to the crest, then hopped the fence into the Jackson's pasture, then walked the pasture to the highest area. This area I believe to be higher than either other area (a point confirmed by Mr Fritz, who said as far back as 50 years ago there have been people looking at it for towers on the site, and surveyors told him the area where the second area is was the highest.

Wildlife encountered: About a dozen dog ticks!!