McHenry County High Point Trip Report

8 areas (all 1180+ ft)

Date: October 17, 2000
Author: Roy Wallen

This reports describes the eight areas from north to south.

The first is north of the radio tower shown on the topo and just south of State Line Road and the Wisconsin state line. The natural area is outside the pen with the hairy bulls, fortunately, although there are manmade areas inside. I chose to stay with the natural point only, given the long horns of these strange-looking creatures.

The second area is at the radio tower on the property of the folks that own the bulls. I didn't get their names but they have lived on that farm for 46 years and were well aware of their farm's notoriety as containing the county highpoint. I didn't disillusion them by noting that it is one of 8 spots. They granted me permission to tour both areas.

The next areas are in a line running north of the Hebron Road, 0.7 mile west of its intersection with Wright Road. Park by the corn field and walk along the farm road to the north. The area is not posted and no one was around when I visited. It is not obvious which side of the three areas is higher nor is it obvious which side of the fence line contains the 1180+ contours. Lobdellization is required in these areas. All three do, however, appear shorter than the radio tower, seen to the north.

The sixth point is along the road to the southwest of the previous points. The highest in this area is in a field to the east of the road.

The seventh point is in the only woods in this area. From a pond that is adjacent to the road 0.7 mile south of Hebron Road, enter the woods to the east, just south of a No Hunting sign. Otherwise, this area is not posted. Proceed up and over a "false summit", continuing east to another knoll where the BM Koltz 1935, at 1189 feet, is located. Given the topography of the area, this knoll seems to be the highest of the whole bunch, although this is impossible to prove as there is no line of sight. In fact, there is very little line of sight out of the woods where the BM is located.

The last area is a bit farther south, behind a house which is just south of the radio tower. There was no one home when I visited but there is a cairn at the highest point in the area. Apparently someone else is proud of the fact that they reside on a highpoint.