McLean County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 27, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

In east-central Illinois, this large county sports two nearby areas that are easy to identify and access.

From the intersection of IL47 and IL9 in Gibson City, go west on IL9 to the Ford-Mclean county line. Follow IL9 as it turns right (north) to follow the county line and then turns left (west) to continue into Mclean County. After driving 3.5 miles from the county line, leave IL9 by driving straight west (IL9 again turns right (north)). Go 1.5 miles to CR 3700E and turn right (north) and go 0.5 miles to a crest in the road by a radio tower. Park.

A huge microwave tower is on the right (east) about 0.4 miles from the turn. This first HP area is about a quarter mile on the left (west) and is on fallow ground that is set aside for Illlinois Acres For Wildlife (i.e., hunting preserve). A dirt road goes from CR 3700E and up and over the highest ground. The owners were not at home.

The second HP area is 0.5 miles farther west along the east-west county road. It is a hill on the left (south) side of the road along an Osage Orange tree fence line, just 100' off the county road. Hand leveling indicates the two areas are of equal elevation.