Monroe County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 11, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

From Waterloo IL, head west on IL 156 to the town of Valmeyer. On the topo, the town of Valmeyer is shown at the bottom of the bluff, with the highpoint on the bluff directly to the northeast of town. Valmeyer was completely destroyed in the floods of 1993, and the town has been rebuilt on the bluffs, on the north side of IL 156. What was once a very inaccessible county highpoint is now, if my estimations are correct, a gimme. The terrain now has a town where none is on the topo, along with dozens of new streets. I turned into town (J. Meyer Avenue). I followed J. Meyer Avenue to Woodland Ridge Avenue, and turned left. There is a large Catholic Church on the corner. I followed Woodland Ridge Ave. to close to its end, to three houses on the bluff-side, directly across from the water tower. (I just sighted the water tower and drove to it.)

I believe the highpoint is at 222 Woodland Ridge, or at the house on either side. It is definitely the highest in sight, and matches the terrain on the topo, both in distance from the highway, and surrounding topographical features. I would be interested in anyone else's opinion on this, since the area has changed dramatically from when the topo was drawn.