Montgomery County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 4, 2001
Author: Tim Worth

There are five areas to visit with this one, all in the same general area.

Moving west on IL 16, pass through Nokomis, IL then make a left at Nokomis Road(2300E) Go about 2.5 miles south to 19th Street (1900N). Area #1 is just southeast of this intersection, north of the radio tower, in a corn field.

From here drive south to 18th street (1800N) and make a left (west). Go about a mile, until you come to a large A-frame house on the right. Area #2 seems to be the circle driveway in front of the house, though I stomped around the neighbor's front yard and the woods to the east to make sure I got the area.

Areas #3 and #4 are along a power line in a farm field ~5 miles to the NW of areas #1 and #2. Get to 2000N (just south of Nokomis) and continue west until you get to Ohlman Road (incorrectly marked as Chilman road in DeLorme). Continue west to the power lines, park. There was too much brush to hike directly under the power lines, so I slogged through muddy cornfields, paralleling the power lines for about 0.8 mile where areas #3 and #4 are separated by a small grouping of trees on the left. The northern contour seemed to be higher. There was a farm just to the north of these points, so an approach from the north might be easier.

Area #5 is along the Montgomery/Christian county line. A blue house sits right on the high contour, across the street from a radio tower. The best way to get there is to take Christian County 000N west from Ohlman about 2 miles to the HP. I came from the south on a horrible dirt road, the west approach has an even worse road. The Christian County HP is just a few miles NE of this area.