Peoria County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 26, 2001
Author: John Mitchler

A highway along a ridge in northwest IL provides easy access to the multiple cropland areas in this county.

Point your vehicle south on the Marshall-Peoria county line in Lawn Ridge on IL 40 (shown as IL 88 on topo and DeLorme). Zero your odometer. Go.

At mile 0.05, Area 1 is on the left (east) at a building marked Treasure Chest.

At mile 0.4, Area 2 is on the right (west). The buildings are gone but the road exists.

At mile 0.7, Area 3 is on the left (east). The buildings are gone but the road exists.

At mile 1.0, Area 4 is 0.2 to the right (west) along Stretmater Road, and is behind a nice house on 5 acres owned by a non-farmer who was delighted to discuss highpointing with me. He knew that the area is high and that the Topeka and Santa Fe rail line at Edelstein is the highest between Chicago and Kansas City. The Hackberry in the yard is the third largest in the state.

At mile 5, Area 5 is 4 miles to the right (west). Turn right (west) off IL 40 onto Akien Road. After 1.3 miles cross rail tracks. At mile 2.5 cross IL 91. At mile 4.0, turn left (south) on a driveway to a house. I could not find the BM, but the high ground appeared to be just north of the house with a new radio tower.