Pope County Highpoint Trip Report

Williams Hill

Author: John Mitchler

Located at the southern tip of IL in the Shawnee National Forest, this high hill is a drive-up. Ron Tagliapietra's description is good.

To reach Herod on IL34, go 9 miles north of IL146 and 7.5 miles south from IL 145. I, too, found the turnoff to be unmarked. Go south and west for 0.6 mile to a road on the right (north) which you take for 2.4 miles to the Williams Hill turnoff on the right (north). Go 0.3 mile to the summit loop.

The lookout tower is gone. I could only find a triangulation marker (Williams No. 1 1957) but no BM. There are 5 radio towers gracing the summit nowadays. The highpoint is at the "L" of lookout on the topo, although the ground appears high to the south. The area north of the "L" is wooded and flat. I walked the old road north to the north area. There is no need to visit this area as it is certainly lower. The curious sign on the summit reads, "Williams Hill second highest hill in Illinois at 1064'", which no doubt is someone's cruel attempt to create another Rib Mountain controversy.