Putnam County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 26, 2001
Author: John Mitchler

This flat north central county has 11 candidate areas along a higher ridge, and two jumbos.

Although Andy Martin mentions the Mark Jumbo (coal mine gob pile), he does not mention the Standard Jumbo. I climbed both, even though they are manmade. The Standard Jumbo has been graded and seeded and no longer sports twin peaks.

On I-59 south of the Illinois River, take Exit 51 to IL 71 and go 6 miles west to CR 1500E (First Street) on the west side of Standard (no services). Turn left (south). At mile 0.3 notice the Standard Jumbo (how can you not!). At mile 3.0 come to unsigned CR 700N and turn right (west).

Area 11 is 0.55 miles west at the Buckman Farm. The HP house on the topo no longer exists.

Areas 10, 9, and 8 are 0.25 mile west. I drove a quarter mile south on the driveway and spoke to the nice elderly couple there. The highest area appears in to be in the southern half of the large tooth-shaped area.

Area 7 and 6 are 0.3 mile south of CR 700N, and are in a field to the right (west). Even with no crops, they were difficult to hand level but luckily are within an easy stroll of the CR.

Area 5 is 0.5 mile south of CR 700N, and is out in a field east and north of a house and brick silo. I walked the HP area and felt that the highest ground is on along the north edge.

Areas 4, 3, 2, and 1 lie in the town of Mt. Palatine (no services) which had a college at one time. Hard to believe it. The ground around the church levels much higher than the areas to the northwest and northeast near houses. Note the Mt. Palatine Cemetery on the topo. This cemetery barely clings to existence but boasts an unplowed prairie which contains rare plants such as the Prairie Violet.

I started this county in October 1997 and now finally have completed it.