Saline County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 17, 2001
Author: Tim Worth

Going south from Harrisburg on Illinois 35, pass the visible Wamble Mountain on the left and turn left onto Somerset Road (shown as FR 707 in Delorme). Continue past a stretch of private property to your right until the road heads north. Keep your eyes open for a side road to the right which shortly narrows into a trail. This is the path to Horton Hill. If you start seeing private property signs again while heading north, you have gone too far.

Follow the uphill trail for 1 mile until you reach a more defined trail running north/south. Follow this trail north a short distance and you will find yourself on the Horton Hill/Bald Knob Ridge. The high point appears to be maybe 200 ft north of the trail intersection just to the right of the trail. There is no view.